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You can enjoy healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life if you practice proper dental hygiene at home, have regular dental checkups and cleanings, and promptly identify and address any dental emergencies and issues that could arise. Oral health has a direct impact on good or bad breath, how a person chews and speaks, and the aesthetic appeal of their smile. In addition, having good oral health can boost your general well-being.

 We at Ganji Dental are concerned about the oral and dental health of every individual patient, as well as the communities that live within and surrounding the Hawthorne area, California. Therefore, we offer local individuals and families access to a wide range of dental services at a fair price, with the comfort and satisfaction of our clients as our top priority.

 Doctors Sam and David Ganji have decades of combined experience in the field of dentistry in addition to their extensive academic and specialized training in the field. Our dental practice offers fully complete care, so you will rarely need to consult with another dentist to address a dental issue. We perform everything from dental implant installation to wisdom teeth extraction, as well as dental fillings, Invisalign, traditional dental braces, crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening to name a few.

 In addition, we offer complimentary dental checkups with digital imaging services to all new patients. Our team can carry out a thorough checkup of your gums, teeth, and dental cavity to find out if you have any dental cavities or any additional issues that require attention. Our team will give you an in-depth assessment of your dental health and explain the options available to you. We provide you with the information that you require to make a sound decision on the matter, but we'll never place you under pressure to consent to dental surgery.

 Ganji Dental strives to offer top-rated dental services to the local community. Our dental facilities are spotless, pleasant, and furnished with modern dental technology. Additionally, our dental professionals are well-versed and experienced in the field. For the convenience of our clients, we accept a variety of modes of payment and provide in-house plans as well as financing via Care Credit.

 We offer our services not only in Hawthorne, CA, but also in Los Angeles, Torrance, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to set up an appointment with us or to get help with your urgent dental issues.

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Ganji Dental combines modern dentistry with the "old-fashioned" dedication to offering the highest standard of dental service possible. We've earned a solid reputation in the city of Hawthorne and the rest of southwest LA, California, through consistent, high-quality service provided every year.

 However, we are also aware that it is not sufficient to merely provide excellent service. One must also make the services affordable for the general public. That is why we provide free dental examinations for first-time patients, several discounts, financing options, payment plans with flexible terms, credit cards, as well as many other payment options.

Ganji Dental is led by 2 of Los Angeles' most skilled and experienced dentists, Doctors Sam Ganji and David Ganji. Dr. David Ganji graduated with high honors from USC with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and Dr. Sam Ganji achieved the same from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine with a DDS (Doctor of Dental Medicine).

 Additionally, each member of our team has extensive training and expertise in their roles. Our team of dental assistants is state-licensed and has demonstrated their value through many years of exceptional performance.

 We at Ganji Dental strive for excellence in everything we do, from the dental operations and services provided to the comfort and convenience of our clients to the availability of convenient financing choices. We always treat you as we would prefer to be served if the positions were reversed by mentally placing ourselves in your position in the dentist's chair and your situation.

Ganji Dental offers you and others in southwest Los Angeles an ideal option for a long-lasting, family dentist. Even individuals with tight schedules can easily schedule an appointment with us thanks to our convenient Hawthorne, California location and our flexible hours. In addition, we stay geared up and prepared to attend to any dental emergencies.

 We provide the treatment that your gums, teeth, and entire oral cavity require to stay healthy for a lifetime. Our team views the bigger picture and seeks to gain loyal dental clients by first staying committed to meeting their needs.

 We're prepared to help patients with virtually every dental issue that arises thanks to our highly trained staff and comprehensive range of dental services. This means that since we handle everything, you would not likely need to find another dental expert or a separate general dentist. We are a "one-stop joint" for all of your dental requirements.

Our team can't carry out your regular oral hygiene regimen, make dietary decisions for you, assist you in quitting smoking, or implement other lifestyle choices that would enhance your dental health. However, we can assist and motivate you to fully understand and apply such changes.

 Additionally, we can offer you a regular dental examination and cleaning session as part of our "oral health monitoring" service. We at Ganji Dental believe in preventative dentistry, meaning it's much better to prevent an issue rather than have the problem rectified.

 Finally, we can assist you by offering cosmetic and restorative dental care to maintain healthy gums and teeth and to look their best. Our dental professionals can make any dental operation as pain-free as possible by using local anesthesia and oral sedation.


The Dental Services We Offer

It would be challenging to come up with a comprehensive list of dental services because we carry out the vast majority of operations that most individuals will require at some point. Doctors Sam Ganji and David Ganji, our in-house dentists, are well-versed, experienced, and outfitted to take advantage of all that modern dentistry has to offer to preserve or improve the oral health of the gums and teeth. Read on to get an outline of our key dental areas of expertise.

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Free Dental Checkups

You don't need to be afraid to visit the dentist since we'll give you a free dental checkup on your first visit! We are convinced that a lot of people who enjoy the quality of attention and competence we offer on their initial visit would opt to join us and remain as regular patients. Also, we are pleased to participate in improving the community's overall dental health by offering free dental examinations. We carefully examine every inch of your mouth. In addition, we look out for any sign of gum recession, periodontal disease, damaged dental crowns or tooth enamel, tooth misalignment (whether overbites or underbites), and more. We swiftly notify you of any issues and offer you details on the potential risks involved as well as possible solutions for rectifying the dental issue. We don't resort to pressure tactics. Rather, we give you all the information you need to make a sound decision.

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays vary from one another. At Ganji Dental, we can take digital X-rays of your teeth as part of both your initial free examination and subsequent tests. These X-rays instantly provide high-resolution imaging studies that can be viewed on a screen while you sit on the dentist's chair. This type of X-ray uses ninety percent less radiation than a traditional X-ray, which is beneficial for the body and produces more detailed images. Additionally, we use (where required) miniature cameras that allow access into the most difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth cavity and display them clearly on the LCD monitor for the dental professional to evaluate.

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Tooth-Colored Composite Dental Fillings

We at Ganji Dental only use the finest quality dental fillings, such as a white resin dental filling that nearly matches the natural tooth’s color. This type of resin dental filling can also be fitted with less of the natural tooth's structure being removed to make room for it. Our team can also carry out different kinds of dental fillings, such as silver, gold, or amalgams. However, there's no question that a white composite dental filling is the most commonly used today, and it is also relatively cost-effective.

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Our Services

At Ganji Dental, we provide a full range of dental care treatments, including special and general dentistry. First, let's have a look at a few of the most popular services that we offer in general dentistry, and then we'll move on to discussing the various specialized fields:

  •  Dental checkups include innovative and modern digital X-ray checkups. We look into every nook and cranny of your oral cavity for any signs of periodontal or dental issues that could be present.
  • Dental Cleanings. You can significantly enhance the condition of your teeth and gums by following proper dental hygiene habits every day and receiving at least two professional cleanings each year.
  • Dental fillings. Our specialists can find and fill any cavities on your teeth using a white composite material made of resin that won't change the appearance of your teeth. Alternatively, if you'd like, we could use a different filler.
  • Dental crowns. Crowns can fortify your natural tooth that is broken, chipped, or worn in addition to covering dental implants and protecting them from further damage. There are many different kinds of crowns, and we could assist you in choosing the one that will work efficiently for you.
  • Root canal surgeries. It could be necessary to perform a root canal procedure if cavities are not detected early, and the interior of your tooth is severely decayed and damaged. Ganji Dental is skilled at treating gum infections around infected teeth, effectively drilling and disinfecting inside infected teeth, and properly filling teeth using gutta-percha. Our dental professionals can crown the tooth after a root canal procedure.
  • Dental bridges. In situations when there are gaps in a patient's tooth or teeth, dental bridges are a viable solution that could help address the issue. There are permanent bridges and temporary bridges available for your selection.
  • Dentures. Dentures come in permanent or detachable, full, or partial varieties. Additionally, they can be fastened to the roots of dental implants (four implants can hold both lower and upper denture pieces).
  • Extractions. Our specialists at Ganji Dental are capable of performing complicated tooth extractions, including those requiring the splitting and wedging of teeth against one another. It also encompasses wisdom teeth removal.

It can be difficult to take care of the dental health of a large family when there are many people to feed and care for. Ganji Dental strives to keep it as simple and cost-effective as we can. We serve patients of all ages and provide comprehensive dental care that should meet the needs of every family member.

 We know how challenging it could be to fit dentist appointments into a busy job or family schedule. This is why we strive to be as accommodating as possible, allowing same-day consultations whenever we can and being ready to handle dental emergencies promptly.

 When you're parenting and taking care of a family that includes children, expenses can add up quickly, and we completely understand this. That is among the reasons we maintain extremely competitive costs. We also provide our customers with practical payment schedules and financing options, accept an extensive range of dental coverage, and accept several forms of payment.

Emergencies cannot be planned for. Additionally, an oral emergency necessitates immediate intervention when a dental device (for example, a bridge or crown) breaks off, knocks out teeth, or becomes loose, or when a toothache, fractured, or broken tooth is causing unbearable pain.

 Ganji Dental offers you care and support for dental emergencies around-the-clock. In the event of an emergency, we can schedule a quick appointment for you. You cannot always schedule a dentist appointment months, days, or even weeks in advance, and we are willing to work with you around that.

 If you’re experiencing any kind of dental emergency, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. Even after our regular work hours, we are here to help you connect with our dental specialists.

Even though bridges and removable dentures are still common, titanium root implants are quickly gaining widespread acceptance. The explanation is straightforward: They are, by far, the best option for the restoration of lost teeth.

 Dental implants are made of titanium roots that fuse with the jaw bones, travel through the gums, and are covered with up-to-date, tooth-colored crowns. There might not be a requirement for a supporting post. Dental implants feel, look and function very similarly to natural teeth, and they are firmly attached to the jawbone in a way that prevents them from becoming loose.

 Dental implants don't require the same maintenance as dentures, such as removal, cleaning, and repositioning. And maintaining them through flossing and brushing is no harder than maintaining your actual teeth. The success rate for dental implant procedures is 99% for same-day surgeries. Additionally, your dental professional will be capable of fixing any issues with the implants should they arise (which is unusual).

 Most of the problems associated with bridges and dentures are avoided by using dental implants. They don't degrade the bone alveolar ridge or make the gums hurt or bleed. Implants don't need to be fastened to adjacent teeth. They also don't need to be replaced periodically because they typically could last as long as your natural teeth do.

 Implants are typically the best treatment option for lost teeth, even though some people require preparatory gum or bone graft surgeries in preparation for the implants, and some people can opt for alternatives in certain circumstances.

Regardless of how frequently you brush your teeth, you can get mixed feelings of shame if the teeth appear permanently stained, dull, and dirty. Unfortunately, many teeth whitening kits that can be purchased in stores don’t live up to expectations.

 Ganji Dental provides patients with ZOOM advanced whitening, which has been regarded by many dental professionals as the most effective teeth whitening technique available currently.

 People who have visited our dental office with stains they were sure would never disappear have frequently left with teeth several shades whiter after only one appointment. This has been the case for many of our patients.

To make your smile better, Ganji Dental provides a variety of cosmetic dental treatments. Some of the most straightforward and popular of these procedures are dental bonding and veneers.

 Dental bonding is nothing more than a bonding material that closely resembles the appearance of dental enamel and conceals minor flaws in teeth. It is often utilized when you've got a little crack, chip, or perhaps a stain that you wish to cover up. Dental bonds are absolutely safe, durable, and reasonably priced.

 Dental veneers are typically a thin material made from porcelain. It resembles a wafer that's placed over the top of teeth to cover up stains or any other flaws at the bottom. Veneers are typically preferred over dental bonding when there are somewhat more noticeable aesthetic issues with teeth. Additionally, a veneer could on occasion extend slightly beyond a tooth's outer edge to fill up excessively large interdental gaps.

Dental crowns are artificial teeth that go at the top of damaged natural teeth, teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, or dental implant rods. At Ganji Dental, we offer and can provide you with a wide variety of crowns to suit your needs and preferences. If you need help choosing between ceramic, porcelain, resin, metal-and-porcelain, metal, or any other crown, we can provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Even though dental implants are important, dentures or bridges can sometimes be viable options.

 Bridges are effective when only a couple of back teeth need to be replaced. Dentures are an alternative to implants if you are not a suitable candidate or have no desire to have them. They are also less expensive and could be used periodically before implant surgery.

 Modern dentures and dental bridges are a significant improvement over older models and can take on several different shapes and sizes. Additionally, if you like, permanent dentures could be fastened to four dental implant rods.

When a tooth is seriously infected, root canal therapy could be the best option to safeguard the original tooth rather than extracting the affected tooth and then replacing it with an implant or using another type of tooth restoration.

 The infected "pulp" of the tooth is removed during the root canal procedure, followed by a thorough cleaning of the canal, the placement of gutta percha filling material, and lastly the dental crown placement.

 Root canal therapy is a fantastic technique to prevent extraction and could extend the life of a tooth by up to twenty years. Although it might not always provide a long-term remedy, it will enable the root canal-treated teeth to function properly for a long time.

The shifting of one's teeth or a misalignment of the teeth is a major issue, especially among children but also among adults on some occasions. We at Ganji Dental offer several different remedies for dental issues of this nature.

 There are a wide variety of traditional braces from which to choose, and they could be your only alternative in certain circumstances. However, you could also choose Invisalign acrylic trays instead. Since these dental trays are virtually undetectable from afar, few people will even notice that you have braces on.

 When you use Invisalign trays, your teeth will move into the right positions a period that is often less than one year.

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At Ganji Dental, we make it our job to always be available and ready to take your call. If we are unable to answer your phone and you are forced to leave a message, you can rest assured that you will receive a prompt return call.

 For our new patients, make sure to inquire about our complimentary dental examination with the digital X-ray along with other great deals. And if you're concerned about how you'll pay for any dental work, don't be hesitant about our payment options. Call us today at 310-643-8045.

 For new patients, make sure to inquire about free dental examinations featuring digital X-rays along with other great offers. If you have a pressing dental issue, we will usually schedule you for the same day. In addition, if you're concerned about how to make payments for the dental services that you require, please do not hesitate to inquire about the financing options that we offer.

By providing a mobile number, I agree that Ganji Dental may send me automated appointment and dental marketing messages at the number I provided above. I understand my consent is not required for purchase.

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