Family dentistry not only helps to keep the entire family on schedule for checkups; it keeps your whole family’s dental history at one location making it easier to locate and access. These dental facilities are able to address oral health issues at every stage of life and track them through the years to ensure your family’s teeth and gums remain healthy.

Family dentistry and general dentistry may sound like the same practice, but in reality, family dentistry is designed to treat family members of all ages, not specific age groups. It’s the perfect solution for quality dental care for all family members. Ganji Dental is a family dentistry clinic in Hawthorne that serves the entire family’s oral health.

Make Scheduling Easier

Scheduling everyone’s regular checkups and cleanings at the same time and the same location makes planning your oral health needs easier. Family dentistry understands the dynamics involved with family life and the day to day struggles of keeping track of everyone’s needs. For this reason, they make scheduling appointments easier for you by adjusting to what works best for you.

The average household in America includes some of the same basic things; trying to decide what to make for a meal, dance lessons, soccer games, car-pooling, after-school activities and countless other events that shape our days into being incredibly busy and hectic. Having to schedule medical or dental appointments around all these activities can become a stressor. Life inside a family unit doesn’t work around a nine to five schedule, and family dentistry understands these circumstances.  Ganji Dental will work hard with you to accommodate all appointments around a time that works for your family.

Simplify Your Dental Needs

Since family dentistry is designed to meet the needs of all age groups, they will be able to treat everyone in your home. It is hard enough to try and be in two places at the same time when schedules begin to overlap with family members; you shouldn’t have to worry about this when making sure the family’s teeth are healthy. With family dentistry, you don’t have to schedule with different providers on different days to ensure everyone is getting the necessary cleanings and checkups completed. Simplify your life by being able to make appointments all on one day for everyone.

If one or more members of your family have to return for follow-up work, you are able to schedule these appointments for the same day. Having your dental needs met all under one roof will make life much simpler when it comes to keeping everyone’s teeth healthy and cared for. Family dentistry not only makes scheduling more manageable, but it is also much easier to keep track of billing with just one facility to record. Having the entire family’s dental performed under one dental facility simplifies many areas of your life.

Preventive Care

Just as a general dentistry clinic will provide dental care, family dentistry offers full preventive care for all members of the family. Dental care is available from grandma and grandpa, and on down to the new toddler in your home, all family members can appreciate the care that will be taken of their teeth. Preventive care includes:

  • Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments have been an essential part of good health treatments for your teeth for ages. This treatment provides a natural mineral (fluoride) for your teeth to remain strong and fight cavities. When receiving these treatments, the fluoride supports your teeth’s natural enamel and helps to fight bacteria in your mouth and around your teeth. The bacteria are harmful to both teeth and gums and can cause serious infections if not properly removed.

A family dentist will know if you or a family member is at high risk for developing cavities, fluoride treatments are especially beneficial to remove the bacteria that builds up on teeth and gums to create a sticky layer of plaque. This plaque is what will erode teeth and your gum tissue allowing for the growth of infection and cavities.

  • Comprehensive Dental Exams

The comprehensive dental exam is an essential part of preventive dentistry. This process prevents oral disease and provides care to your teeth to keep them healthy. At family dentistry, yours and each member of your family will receive an initial dental exam which will then be kept on file as a baseline for future reference. A benefit for having family dentistry is this file will eventually contain years of information on your teeth so the dentist can watch for any irregularities or health concerns that could arise.

During each dental exam, depending on how often you and the dentist decide regular checkups should be scheduled, this baseline dental exam will be compared to each new one to ensure your oral health is not compromised. Each time an exam is performed, your overall oral health is reviewed by the dentist to determine if you require any type of treatment or preventive measures.

  • Routine Cleanings

Good dental health is important no matter what your age and that is why visiting the dentist for teeth cleanings at least twice a year is essential. The first and most important reason for getting your teeth cleaned is to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Once you lose those baby teeth and get your permanent teeth, they’re yours to care for the rest of your life. Unless you want to wear dentures or have dental implants, you have to take of your teeth starting with routine cleanings.

These cleanings are performed with special tools to help you avoid gum disease caused by plaque buildup. Plaque not only damages your gums, but it can also eventually lead to tooth loss. Routine cleaning removes this buildup from your teeth and gums. It also removes stains that occur from drinking coffee, tea, or wines, and freshens your breath.

Brushing and flossing help with removing some of the daily debris left on your teeth, but a dental cleaning will take care of tartar buildup and crusty deposits that can stain your teeth and trap bacteria. After the cleaning, your teeth will be thoroughly polished to further remove plaque. Polishing will also remove stains if caught in the cleaning process.

Preventive care is essential to every member of the family and helps the dentist track each one’s oral needs and health over the years. If you experience any anxiety during your cleaning and polishing process, or if anyone in the family is uncomfortable, ask us at Ganji Dental about pain-free dentistry.

Complete Dentistry

Another significant advantage of using family dentistry for all your family members is this dental care meets everyone’s needs. The knowledge and expertise of our dentists mean you never have to worry about your child or one of the adults requiring a tooth extraction or anyone needing a filling. All dental procedures are done on-site at our facility. Any of these procedures and more can be provided through our family dentistry:

  • TMJ Therapy

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where your jaw connects to your skull. If this joint becomes damaged or injured, you could end up with a localized pain disorder called TMJ syndrome. This syndrome can occur from an injury to your teeth or jaw, misalignment of your teeth, grinding of your teeth, bad posture, arthritis, chewing gum, or stress. At family dentistry, this condition can be watched for and treated if developed.

  • Dental Bridges

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth and is made up of two or more crowns. These are necessary to prevent the bone in your jaw from shrinking. This placement is literally a bridge built to fill in a gap where you’ve lost a tooth and connects to two other teeth to hold it in place. A dental bridge is necessary to restore your chewing ability, your smile, prevent other teeth from shifting out of place and many other health-related issues of your teeth. Family dentistry can address the needs of placing a dental bridge in any member of the family who has lost a tooth due to injury or disease.

  • Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a restoration process to remove decay and repair the affected tooth. Many times, when this procedure is necessary, you will experience pain in your tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold, a pressure in the area of the affected tooth. If not treated, your symptoms will increase to throbbing or sudden pain whenever you bite or chew. All these symptoms point to one or more of your teeth having a cavity that requires dental work.

Family dentistry can remove the decay and repair your tooth with a filling to prevent more significant dental problems. They can also use a filling to fix small holes a cavity may have created in one or more of your teeth. No matter how old a family member is, there is always the chance of a cavity developing in one or more of their teeth. Preventative care helps reduce this risk, but there is still the chance of a cavity developing. When you use family dentistry, you won’t have to find another facility to treat this issue because as soon as the cavity is detected, we can begin the restoration process right at our clinic.

  • Tooth Bonding

With tooth bonding, a tooth-colored composite, whether or plastic or resin is used to fix a chipped, discolored, fractured, or decayed tooth. A bonding procedure can be completed in one dental visit and is the least expensive and easiest cosmetic dental procedure. This procedure is often done as a cosmetic fix but can also be done to repair chipped teeth or appearance of teeth that have become discolored. Family dentistry can perform this procedure should someone lose a tooth or need cosmetic work for upcoming events such as a wedding or prom.

  • Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to prevent damage to other teeth or lower your risk of overcrowding and infection. When a tooth becomes severely damaged or broken and cannot be repaired, your dentist may recommend extractions as a means of preventing further oral health issues. Family dentistry will know when this procedure is the best solution for the overall health of your teeth and gums or any other member of your family.

  • Dental Crowns

You or someone in your family may need a dental crown to restore a severely worn down tooth or one that has been broken. Dental crowns also help to protect a weak tooth or one that has become compromised by decay, so it does not crack. The crown is a ‘cap’ placed over a tooth to protect and restore it to its original size, shape, and strength and also improve how it looks. Children sometimes need a crown when a tooth has become severely damaged by decay, or they are high-risk for tooth decay. Family dentistry will be able to address the issue of dental crowns on any family member whether young or old.

  • Treating Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a mild disease that forms in your gums making them inflamed.  This disease is treatable but cannot go untreated. Untreated, Gingivitis can become a severe oral disease such as periodontitis.

Gingivitis is a direct cause of too much plaque on your teeth. This is another reason for getting those routine cleanings done on your teeth and all others in your family. Plaque continuously forms on your teeth due to the sugars and starches in the foods you eat. Daily brushing helps remove a lot of it, but if not removed, it will harden under your gum line and turn into tartar.

Tartar creates a shield for the bacteria which then irritates the gumline. If you do not have plaque and tartar removed, it becomes a toxin (gingivitis) that will annoy and inflame your gums. A family dentist will know how to treat this condition and educate you on ways to prevent this disease from affecting you or any member of your family.

  • Periodontal Care

Periodontitis is a severe gum infection that is capable of damaging your gums and can result in destroying your jawbone. There is a successful treatment for this disease, and the first nonsurgical step is receiving a cleaning called ‘scaling and root planing’ to get rid of the tartar deposits and plaque that have deposited on your teeth and their root surfaces. When your family dentist performs this procedure, they are helping your gum tissue to heal, and periodontal pockets shrink.

  • Inlays and Onlays

An inlay and onlay is a form of dental fillings. Another name for these is ‘indirect fillings.’ These two procedures are very similar to the standard tooth-colored fillings but take longer to restore as they are professionally created inside a dental lab. They are designed to match the color and shape of the lost tooth precisely.

At Ganji Dental, each member of the family can be treated for almost every dental procedure needed during their lifetime. Your entire family will feel comfortable knowing the dental care they get is personalized, and they are cared for when they come to the clinic. This comfort can be an incredible benefit with smaller children who often become frightened when anticipating a visit to the dentist.

Continued Care

When you sign up your family for family dentistry, you and your children are going to benefit through their continued care. The continuance of care a family dentistry clinic can provide you and your family is unmatched anywhere. Beginning when your children are young is an exceptional benefit as they are able to watch your child grow into a teenager on their way to an adult. Seeing a family year after year gives the clinic incredible insights into your oral health and also overall health.

Continued care through family dentistry means you and your family’s dental history is all in one place. You nor your dentist have to search through other clinic files to find relevant information needed to perform procedures and to learn about oral issues that occurred years ago. Your history and your family’s history and charts stay in one location making them easier to locate and quicker to find necessary dental information regarding your teeth.

Your teeth provide more than just a beautiful smile. There is a significant connection between your oral health and your heart, lung, and brain. If you experience an inflammation stemming from an oral disease such as periodontitis or cavities, it is not localized. The inflammation spreads to other parts of your body. This is why having family dentistry is important to your overall health and that of your family’s. By knowing your full medical and dental history, your family dentist can monitor not only the health of your teeth and gums but your whole body.

Consistency for Young Children

The longer your family stays with Ganji Dental, the more of a relationship is developed among family members and staff at the clinic. Each family member gets to know the dentist and becomes more comfortable with the care being given to them. As the comfort levels grow, it becomes easier to talk about concerns, and it makes it notably easier for a young child to return to someone they know and are comfortable with. You feel better about taking them to the dentist when they don’t feel afraid or stressed about upcoming visits.

Children have a reputation for being afraid of dentists. It is no wonder when you consider the noise involved with fixing teeth or even cleaning them. The small machines used in the dental clinic might be small in size, but their sound inside your child’s mouth can be scary. The noise compounded by the fact they cannot see what is happening, only feel certain sensations, causes fear and a lot of stress in young kids.

Ganji Dental knows about children and their fear of dentists. This fear of dental work is why they work hard to make the dental experience as stress-free as possible. Talking to your child with soothing voices and letting them see and try to understand what will be done is a very big deal in the eyes of a young kid. Helping them to know what sounds they are hearing and why, what is being done inside their mouth to explain sensations, tells a young child there is nothing to fear.

Each time you return to the family dentistry and your child sees the same dentist who exerted such compassionate care with them last time; will make each visit less and less scary. You will soon find your child may even look forward to their next dentist appointment.

Another benefit for taking the whole family to Ganji Dental is you will share your dental experiences with your children. Children learn a lot from example and seeing you sit in the dentist chair getting your teeth cleaned or fixed, tells them it is okay and the right thing to do. By providing them a good example of proper dental care, you are setting an example for them to follow through the rest of their life.

A relationship will develop between your child and the dentist. It will also mean they will have only one set of records and a chart that can stay right where it has been for years. Their dental history will be all in one place allowing for the treatment of dental issues to be more easily addressed as they move up in age. They even have the option of continuing with Ganji Dental as they move on from home and start a family of their own.

Stay Updated and Educated

Family dentists instruct their patients on proper oral care, which toothpaste works the best, how their diets affect their teeth and other considerations to make to keep their teeth and gums healthy. A family dentist will also keep you up to date on the latest dental technology, practices, and procedures that may impact your specific family needs.

Is there a Family Dentistry Practice Near Me?

Call our Hawthorne dentist at 310-643-8045 today and put your family’s dental needs under one roof. You will appreciate the compassionate care we provide to every member of your family and how easy we can make scheduling all your routine and dental care appointments.