The kind of confidence when you have a perfect smile is almost unmatched. If you feel your smile is not as appealing as you would want it to be, it may be time for a smile makeover. The makeover is a process of improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic procedures are available to be used to enhance your smile. However, the particular method used on you will depend on the challenge that is causing your smile not to be as appealing. When you feel like you are a candidate for a smile makeover, speaking with an experienced dentist from Ganji Dental is essential in deciding the best procedure. If you live in Hawthorne and are unhappy with your smile, contact us today. 

Cosmetic Procedures in Smile Makeover

With the advancement of technology, many cosmetic procedures are available for improving the appearance of your smile. These procedures include:

Dental Bonding

This procedure involves the application of resin similar in your teeth color, which is hardened by the use of specific light. With this light, the resin material is bonded on the teeth with issues, improving your smile. This procedure is one of the easiest and less expensive of all cosmetic dental processes. The method is useful in repairing cracked or chipped teeth, altering the tooth’s shape, close gaps, or as an alternative to fillings with silver amalgam.


These are fragile, thin shells custom-made to cover the surface of a tooth or teeth. The front teeth are bonded with the veneer that changes their color, size, length, and shape. Resin or porcelain composite is used in the making of surfaces and offers a conservative method of changing the color of teeth or shape. The process of applying veneers to improve your smile is irreversible but offers excellent results.


This is another standard procedure in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile. A crown or top is cap-shaped as a tooth placed over damaged or weak teeth to enhance their shape, strength, size, and appearance. Caps have a prolonged lifespan, with many lasting between five and fifteen years. Crowns are made from various materials that include resin, metal, ceramic, or porcelain fitted on to the metal.

Before fitting a crown, your dentist will file down the particular tooth. Next, the cap is fitted and cemented on the tooth, completely covering it. Sometimes, three-quarter crowns and Onlays can be used, but they offer less coverage to the tooth.

Enamel Shaping

This is another cosmetic procedure in smile makeovers. Contouring or shaping your enamel is a painless and fast procedure used to develop natural teeth and enhance their appearance. The process is ideal for correcting minor imperfections like slightly overcrowded or uneven teeth. After performing the process, you will immediately notice the excellent results. The procedure is, in most cases, combined with veneers, whitening, or bonding.

Braces or Orthodontics

When your teeth are misaligned or crooked, you can use props to correct them, improving your dental health and smile. Both adults and children are ideal candidates for the procedure. The braces are designed to apply consistent pressure on teeth, and their position is adjusted and aligned over time. When your teeth are well aligned, you will no longer feel embarrassed to show your smile.

Braces come from various materials. Some people still prefer to use metallic braces while others prefer hidden ones. The brackets used to attach to the teeth can take the color of your teeth, multi-colored or clear, based on your preference. Your dentist can also have them attached behind the teeth to keep them from getting seen. Invisible braces made from plastic molds are also ideal for aligning teeth but may be more costly.

Teeth Whitening

Discolored teeth can be embarrassing. When your smile is bright, you have more confidence. Teeth whitening is another procedure in a smile makeover ideal for individuals that have discolored teeth for one reason or another. When your teeth are not overly discolored, your dentist can recommend whitening agents found over the counter. However, some procedures will require you to visit a dental office.

It is important to note that not every person qualifies to have their teeth whitened. The procedure is ideal for individuals with unrestored gums and teeth and practices healthy oral hygiene. If your teeth have a yellowish discoloration, the results from the process are more excellent than those with a grayish color.

Composite Fillings

When your fillings wear out, crack, or chip, it can be uncomfortable and unappealing. If this is your case, you may require replacing your silver filling with a more natural-looking composite. Most amalgam fillings also contain mercury, which can be a safety concern. However, they are known to last longer but have no aesthetic appeal.

To improve your smile, you want an evenly colored tone on your teeth, not with some silver color appearing. Composite fillings are made in the color of your teeth, enhancing the appearance of your smile and cannot be noticeable.

Gum Reshaping

Some people, when they smile, their teeth appear shorter than average, or their gum line looks uneven. As a result, one has a gummy smile, and to some people, it causes them to be self-conscious. If you feel your smile is gummy and require a smile makeover, the process of gum reshaping is carried out.

The procedure involves removing excess bone or gum tissue where necessary and contouring it to expose hidden teeth. Whether it is one tooth you want exposing or several, the procedure is ideal in giving an even gum line, revealing a broad natural smile.


Many people suffer the loss of their teeth, mainly due to decay, injuries, or gum diseases. Dental implants are ideal in replacing missing teeth and are long-lasting. The implant roots are made from titanium, providing a steady base for placing a removable or permanent prosthetic tooth. Crowns can be used on the implants as tooth replacements, or in some cases, removable dentures get attached to the implants.

If you have missing teeth, you may feel shy to smile. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth is one of the procedures used in smile makeovers.


This is another procedure in replacing missing teeth. Dentures are removable replacements for teeth and tissues around it. When your teeth are missing and require improving your smile, dentures can be an excellent choice depending on the circumstances. Visiting a dentist helps you discuss the various options available for you in smile makeover that are best for you.

Dentures can be complete or partial. When you are missing all your teeth, full dentures are recommended to improve your smile. On the other hand, if you still have some of your natural teeth, your dentist can recommend partial dentures to makeover your smile.


This is another procedure in replacing missing teeth. The process is ideal for a smile makeover that involves the replacement of a single tooth or more. A permanent bridge is placed on the gap and attached to the adjacent teeth. The prosthetic teeth get connected to the bridge, which gets permanently cemented in place. If space has teeth only on one side, the dentist will use a cantilever bridge. Your dentist can also recommend other types of bridges with porcelain teeth for your smile makeover.

Gum Grafts

 Gum recession can result in an unappealing smile. The roots of the teeth due to the exposure can also be sensitive to cold and hot foods. The recession also makes teeth seem longer than they are. Aside from leaving you uncomfortable when you smile, you expose your roots to the risk of cavities and bone loss. This eventually leads to your losing teeth.

If this is your challenge to a healthy smile, your dentist can recommend a gum graft. This involves gum tissue harvesting and planting it to the area with the problem. When the dentist uses functional tissue, it will stop your gum tissue from receding as bone loss. Additionally, aligning your gum line restores the beauty of your smile.

When working to improve your smile, your dentist depending on your challenges can recommend several procedures to be carried out together. An experienced dentist will know the right methods after carrying out a thorough dental exam on you.

Considerations in a Smile Makeover

Before settling on any of the procedures discussed above, your dentist will make various considerations. Some of these considerations include:

  • The tone of your skin
  • Your hair color,
  • Facial appearance,
  • The color of your teeth, their length, width, shape, and display,
  • Your lips and gum tissue.

Different people have different reasons for smile makeovers. On visiting your dentist, you will discuss your requirements and customize the treatment procedure to suit your unique needs. Your dentist will want to consider the various aspects of your smile, what you like or don’t like, among others. Some of the elements your dentist will review and discuss with you to improve them include:

Tooth Color

As earlier discussed, the color of your teeth plays a significant role in the quality of your smile. If you have amalgam or silver fillings, you can replace them with composite fillings in the same color as your natural teeth. Considering your teeth color is critical when preparing and evaluating the procedures used in your smile makeover.

While considering the color of your teeth, remember that discolored or dark teeth may be suggestive of an old mouth. When your smile is well-shaped and bright, it gives the appearance of youth. While selecting teeth whitening shade and veneers, your dentist will consider your skin tone and hair. An experienced cosmetic dentist knows how to find a balanced tone that results in a whiter and a brighter smile while maintaining natural teeth color.

Spacing and Alignment

If your teeth are overlapping or crooked or have spaces in between, an Invisalign or orthodontics procedure is used to improve them. The use of veneers also helps improve them and enhance your smile.

Missing Teeth

One of the reasons one may require a smile makeover is if they have a missing tooth or teeth. When this is the case, your smile may not be as beautiful as you desire it to be. Missing teeth also affect how you bite, as well as increasing the chances of developing tooth decay. In this case, replacing the missing teeth becomes essential for your aesthetics and oral health.

Your dentist will discuss the various procedures in replacing your teeth, as discussed earlier. Asking your dentist about the pros and cons of each process or method is critical in deciding on the best way to replace your teeth.

Balance and Harmony

A beautiful smile is in harmony and well balanced. When your teeth are cracked or chipped, you need a cosmetic procedure to improve their appearance. During the dental exam, your dentist will look at your teeth’ condition and suggest the best method to enhance your smile. If you have a gummy smile, a procedure to align the gum line, as discussed earlier, helps improve your smile.

Full Lips, Cheeks, and Smile

Sometimes, a person can have an unshapely face, or due to age, the face adjusts its shape. This can be rejuvenated or improved using specific procedures in a smile makeover. Oral maxillofacial surgeries or orthodontics can be used to enhance your appearance and smile.

During a smile makeover procedure, your cosmetic dentist works closely with you to develop a specific treatment plan that will give you the best results. The program agreed on may include various restorative procedures, as earlier discussed.

Components in a Smile Makeover

Apart from the above-discussed elements, several other considerations of your smile and teeth are taken into account by your dentist. These are essential if the procedure picked is to offer excellent results. These attributes include:

The Length of the Teeth

When one has long teeth, they tend to appear more youthful compared to shorter teeth. As a person ages, their teeth wear down, resulting in shorter ones. If you have a gummy smile, your teeth can seem shorter than they typically are. If your teeth are short, the smile makeover treatment recommended may include lengthening and reshaping your front teeth. This can be done through porcelain veneers or composite bonding.

If your dentist discovers the reason for an unpleasant appearance is a gummy smile, he or she may opt to contour your gum line, lengthening the appearance of your teeth. Your dentist can use some dentistry procedures that involve lasers or use a crown to extend your teeth if necessary. Your facial appearance can also be affected by the process of lengthening your teeth. If your teeth get well-shaped, are square, and extended when your face is round, you will appear to have a slimmer look.

Smile Line

Before recommending any procedure, your dentist will take into consideration your smile line. This is an imaginary line along your upper teeth edges, moving from one side to the other. This line is ideally similar to the lower lip curve when one smiles. With this as a reference point, your doctor can determine the length of the new teeth.

Tooth Proportions

Another aesthetic consideration before a smile makeover is how proportionate your teeth are. During the dental exam, your teeth will be examined to determine their proportion to each other. The most recognizable and pleasing smile is when the two front teeth at the center of your mouth seem to be dominant. Their ratio for width to length is usually 4:5. When designing the appropriate teeth to improve your smile, a cosmetic dentist considers this to keep a balanced smile.

Characterization and Texture of the Tooth

This is another important consideration in a smile makeover. When creating your veneers or crowns, the dentist will be careful to create a feminine or masculine appearance. For instance, if you are a woman and the teeth fitted have a masculine appearance, you will be uncomfortable with your new look. The idea behind a smile makeover is to ensure you have a perfect smile in line with your natural features.

How to Maintain your Excellent Results

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene cannot be overemphasized. When you opt for a smile makeover, one of the requirements is to have excellent dental health. When you undergo cosmetic procedures to improve your smile, you must work at maintaining the results. For instance, if you had your teeth whitened as part of your smile makeover, you must repeat the procedure occasionally to keep the brightness.

If porcelain veneers were used, you might need to replace them when they break or chip to maintain a beautiful smile. Over time and with the foods one consumes, the composite bonding’s staining happens, requiring its replacement. If your dentist used crowns to enhance your teeth’ shape, you would need to replace them every ten to fifteen years. Over time, you may also require to work on your once gummy smile to maintain its appearance.

One of the things that disqualify persons for a smile makeover is poor dental health. If you have gum disease, decayed teeth, among other conditions, you may not get a smile makeover. Your dentist will first suggest the treatment of these conditions, which is an additional cost to you. Healthy dental hygiene is recommended whether one wants a smile-makeover or not. Equally, poor dental health may result in some of the problems that require a smile makeover.

Avoiding smoking and taking foods or beverages that discolor your teeth is critical in maintaining their brightness. For your oral restorations to last long, you must adjust your hygiene habits and keep your smile for long. Avoid using abrasive toothpaste or brushing your teeth aggressively. This causes scratches to the restorations, which dull their luster and polish. Look for non-abrasive toothpaste with fluoride, soft-bristled toothbrushes and clean your teeth at least twice a day.

You can also increase the lifespan of your restoration through flossing. When one flosses, they get rid of plaque and debris that cause tooth decay and other oral diseases. If you develop a dental condition or tooth decay, your new smile will not last, and you will be back where you started.

When you have composite fillings, avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol. These products negatively affect fillings and reduce their lifespan. Alcohol-based mouthwashes also adversely affect other restorations such as veneers and crowns.

Ask your dentist to recommend the ideal toothpaste and mouthwashes to maintain your new smile.

Foods with high sugar content and snacking between meals should be avoided if one is to prevent cavities. Equally, avoid beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda to maintain your stainless smile. Alcoholic beverages should also not be consumed excessively.

Avoid chewing or biting hard objects that can cause cracking of your teeth. Equally, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth, discuss with your dentist on getting fitted with a guard to protect the teeth. The cost of a single porcelain veneer can range between $900 and $2,500. The price of bonding is equally high, ranging between $250 and $1,500 for a single tooth. With the high cost of the smile makeover, it is essential to guard against anything that poses a threat to your new smile.

The Time Taken to Perform a Smile Makeover

How long it would take to have a smile makeover will depend on the type of procedure to be performed and your dental health. If your teeth are in excellent condition and you are in good health, the process may be easy and quick, and the results even more pleasing.

The procedure can also be involving requiring several visits to the dentist and multiple processes to be carried out at the same time. For instance, if you desire a super star’s smile and you have no underlying dental concerns, simple laser whitening may give you the desired results. In two hours, you will achieve your perfect smile. However, if your teeth are stained because of medication, you may require veneers for a smile makeover. Your dentist will recommend at least two visits to complete the procedure and give you a perfect smile.

When you visit your dentist, it is encouraged that you discuss any concerns you may have because they are essential in determining the results.

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