I had the privilege of working on a wonderful patient that came to our office because he was fed up with his gap-toothed smile. Some people have no qualms with their gap-toothed smile – in fact, some like to embrace it, including celebrities. Madonna is a great example.

However, those who are not happy about a gap-toothed smile often become depressed about it. It affects their quality of life in many different ways. This was the case for the patient whose life I was able to change thanks to modern, advanced dentistry!

I don’t want to reveal my patient’s name – but we’ll call him John. John wanted change. He asked me during a routine dental cleaning how he could improve his smile. I let him know exactly what could be implemented in order to make the change:

  • The use of orthodontics – notably Invisalign® in John’s case as most adults do not want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces.
  • Dental bonding to help close the gap.
  • Dental veneers to close the gap even further.
    Dental crowns to top off any teeth that have been damaged.
  • Teeth whitening for a whiter smile.

It’s important to understand that gap-toothed smiles are a case-by-case scenario. Some people do not need orthodontics; some do not need dental crowns. Each case mainly depends on factors such as how wide the gap is, how many teeth have gaps, etc. John needed orthodontics, bonding, and veneers to receive the smile of his dreams.

The Change is Hard to Believe

The funny thing here is that John’s smile is lot bigger in the before photo. The reason is because when John saw his new smile for the 1st time in the mirror, he had trouble believing it was really him. He was shaken up – in a good way! That’s the power of the transformation that happens when you see a nice, straightened smile on yourself for the very first time. #TransformationThursday