It’s Monday and we wanted to cover an important topic: motivating your children to brush their teeth. Let’s face it; children hate brushing their teeth. Go back in time to when you were a child – do you remember actually enjoying this activity? Probably not. We’ll give you a few of our personal tips that we hope work for your child.

1. Electric Toothbrush

Part of the reason children dislike brushing so much is because it’s too much effort for something they cannot see value in – that is, until they need a filling or root canal. We hope it doesn’t reach that point.

By making the activity easier, or at least SEEM easier, you may be able to spark some motivation into your child. Electric toothbrushes take a bit of the effort away AND they are often offered in many children-friendly options.

2. Incentives

Incentives work. Period. Give your child an incentive or goal to work towards and you’ll see results – provided it’s a goal worth working towards in their mind. You can find a handy checklist on our Facebook page to keep track of their progress and when they reach the end, reward them.

3. Brush with Them

Make this a habit. It’s a simple idea, but it works. The reason it works is because boring or monotonous tasks are always better when they are done with someone else. You can set a specific time and call it a special name such as “Cavity Fighting Time!” or similar.