Dental implants are a wonderful solution that have restored many smiles through the years because of how advanced they have become. However, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants.

The Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants

  • Have teeth that need to be replaced
  • In good standing with both general and oral health
  • Healthy gums
  • Adequate bone density
  • No untreated gum or bone disease
  • No medications that may interfere with bone growth
  • Strong metabolic health
  • Not a daily smoker

There’s no one size fits all formula – and you won’t necessarily know if you’re in good standing until you receive a thorough evaluation from the dentist.

What happens if I’m not a candidate for dental implants?

There are a couple routes someone who does not get approved for a dental implant can take:

  • Sinus augmentation: A large reason why a dentist would decline you is because your upper back jaw does not have enough density to support an implant. This would only affect the upper half of your teeth. The lower half is separate. Sinus augmentation would help restore your bone density to a healthy amount.
  • Ridge modification: This oral surgery procedure helps correct deformities of the jaw, enabling your jaw enough support for a dental implant.
  • Another procedure: Dental bridges may be a more viable option for someone whose mouth cannot support a dental implant.

If you’re looking to replace a single or even multiple missing teeth, then visits your dentist today to find out if you’re an excellent candidate. Most people are and success rates have increased because of more advanced techniques and materials used.

Dr. Sam and David Ganji of Ganji Dental are dental implant Dentists located in Los Angeles.