We want to address a common problem known very well in the world of dentistry: anxiety. Guess what… even dentists become anxious of dentists (Yes, we do need our teeth cleaned also!). However, my brother and I have conquered the fear and we’ll let you know how we did it.

1st: Pinpoint the Cause

Everyone is different, and everyone has a different cause of why they are afraid of dentists:

  • One bad experience (typically as a child) that has resulted in trauma.
  • The “pain” that associated with the treatments.
  • Conjuring up images of sharp objects in the mind.
  • The costs involved.

2nd: Address the Cause

Perhaps your reason may not be listed above, but typically when someone is scared of the dentist it’s because of one of those common causes we just listed.

Once you’ve identified your cause, you can begin to address it appropriately. And some people it may be all 4 reasons!

Our Trick to Overcoming the Fear of Dentists

Here’s the key idea that we taught ourselves: treat the dentist as if he or she is your friend. Of course, it’s easier for us since we can directly relate to other dentists, but when you go into the situation visualizing that dentists are your friends (much like your next door neighbor is), and then you’ll begin to see a change.

It’s hard to imagine, but we’ve suggested this very method to our own patients and it just makes everything better!

Of course, it helps to understand that modern dentistry is more affordable and convenient as it’s ever been with sedation dentistry options becoming more and more attractive for easy appointments.

Try our method out, stay positive, and see what happens – we hope the best.