Since you run a dental office, you want to do everything possible to keep your patients coming back and mentioning you among their family and friends. How and when you respond to their calls is one of the things that matter most to them. Consumer satisfaction should always be your focus, and it is achieved in various ways. It is pegged on how you handle your clients and how they feel about your business and its services. If you have been struggling with business calls and think that you may not have been giving your patients the best when they call, you could consider an answering service for your dental office. Here are its benefits:

Professional Call Handling for your Dental office

People call dental offices all the time when they want to learn about a particular dental procedure, schedule, or cancel an appointment. Therefore, calls are an integral part of every dental office.

When a dental office is at the startup stage, there is usually no need to engage many employees. Dentists can still handle the incoming calls as they go about their day-to-day work. However, as the business grows, so are the incoming phone calls. More and more dental patients want to learn about or benefit from their services. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult for dentists to handle all the incoming calls.

What happens in most cases is that you might miss some calls. The missed calls could cause you to lose a new client. It could also disappoint an existing patient. Whatever you do, you want to make sure that all calls coming into your dental office are received and handled well.

This could be a challenge if your business is bustling. In-house workers might be too busy with office work to engage everyone who calls the office. You end up losing more than you are gaining, even if everyone in the office has busy schedules every day.

Additionally, call handling, and good customer care require proper training and experience, which may be lacking in your dental office. Patients do not just want you to receive their calls; they need to feel appreciated and well-handled. They need to speak to a professional who understands their needs and can advise them accordingly. They need someone who can listen to their dental problems and offer the solution they are seeking. Hiring an in-house receptionist will cost you more than you could pay for quality answering services.

Work Balance in Your Dental Office

If you are an extremely busy professional, you may not have enough time in a day to tend to all matters at hand. Other than dental work, you are human too and have personal issues to attend to. If you are not taking a break from all you do in the office, you could compromise your  mental and physical health. There is no way to achieve your goals if you are unhealthy. You need help with handling some of the tasks that take up much of your time.

Call handling services are available round the clock. You do not have to work long hours every day to cater to clients who call after office hours. You do not have to lose sleep handling office calls while you should be resting. Again, you do not have to leave a patient unattended in the office so you can attend to a patient on call. When you have enough time at hand, you can concentrate on more critical office tasks. It leaves you and your patients satisfied.

A call handler will not only receive your business calls but also forward them to the right personnel. Dentists will only receive calls and messages that concern their patients. Other workers will receive and handle calls and messages that are related to their tasks. It creates a balance in the office and ensures that your dental office does not miss out on anything important.

Quick Response to Dental Emergencies

Dental patients can experience emergencies at any time of the day or night, including over the weekends. It could be the time when you and other dentists have a busy day, full of appointments. However, you want to create a situation where these patients can still be attended to, despite your busy day at the office.

Some dental emergencies occur in the middle of the night, and others over the weekend. These are times when your dental office is closed, and all dentists and other workers are relaxing. Dental emergencies cannot wait. It could be a child who has fallen, and a tooth or two have fallen out. It could be an adult experiencing pain, mouth sores, bleeding, or an infection. Any delay could worsen all of these situations.

An answering service for your dental office could save the day. A call handler will be there to receive these calls, assure the patient, or provide the information they need and forward the message to you or another dentist. In short, a call handler will ensure that your patients’ emergency needs are attended to without delay.

Handle Dental Inquiries Seamlessly

Dental patients are always calling your office to make inquiries regarding some dental problems, dental procedures, and services. You need to be available to answer their questions and guide them to make informed choices. New patients will call first to find out whether you are available to attend to their needs. They will want to know what your services are like before they can book an appointment. You need someone out there handling all dental inquiries on your behalf.

A professional call handler will be well informed about your dental services and the different procedures available. He/she will be ready with all the information needed to ensure that your patients are getting the right information whenever they call. The right dentist answering service will also make sure that everyone booking an appointment is well-informed and ready for the procedure or service they have chosen.

It takes the load of answering patients’ questions off your back, then you can concentrate on the most critical tasks, of ensuring that your patient’s dental problems are resolved.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

No dental issue is worse than the other. Therefore every patient that seeks your services deserves quality and unique services. Some patients will sometimes call even after office hours when there is a need.  As mentioned above, some issues occur during those odd hours, and cannot wait until the office is open. Other patients have busy daily schedules and are only able to call you after work. It does not mean that dentists should work round the clock. You only need to ensure that their calls are received answered, and assistance is given accordingly.

The challenge is that most dentists have extremely busy work-days. When you have a full schedule throughout the day, you may be too exhausted to stay in the office a few more hours. In that case, calls made to your office after working days could go unanswered. But not when you have engaged the services of a call handler. It makes a whole lot of difference when you have someone to answer your office calls in your absence. It creates a connection with all the patients you do not want to lose while away.

Boost your Dental Office’ Reputation

Competition is everywhere today in the business world. Everyone wants to dominate the market and make better profits. It is the same with dental offices. Every dentist wants to shine and attract as many clients as possible. If you operate in an area where competition is stiff, you want to provide extra to your patients to keep them coming back. Knowing that they can always connect to your office is a great way to achieve this.

Again, new patients want to gauge how good or how you will handle them before they can commit to your services. They will call your office to make inquiries before they can come to the office in person. You may not be available to speak to them when they call, maybe because you are busy with another patient. Also, you may not have someone well-trained in phone handling to give the right impression they need. A professional call handler will do that and more. Call handling requires a specific skill and experience that you cannot quickly get in a dental office. Being different in the way you handle your business calls is what will set you apart from your competitors.

Keeps Your Dental Office Open for New Patients

Your business should always be open to new patients. This is what keeps you in the business. Your current patients will not keep coming back every day for the same or new services. Thus, you need to keep winning new clients for the continuity of your business. New clients will bring new business; then, you will have patients to serve every day.

If you are busy handling patients, you are left with little or no room to engage potential clients who want to know more about your business. You will not even have enough time to tell them why you are the right choice for them. A call handler will have all the time to do that and more.

Dentistry is a technical subject that could pose a challenge to anyone who has not studied it or worked closely with dentists. Dental patients want to speak to a person that understands their problems and could offer reliable solutions. An ordinary receptionist may lack the information they need and may not adequately help when they call.

On the other hand, professional call handlers take their time to learn the basics and any additional information dental patients might need to know regarding your business. They will take time to master the language used by dentists. This way, potential customers will have all the answers they seek without the need to be connected to you or other dentists.

Bi-Lingual Dental Services

You do not have to worry about patients who do not speak your language calling your office. You may have realized that the language barrier is a significant problem in most dental offices. We have people in the country today who are still learning English. They may not know how to explain their dental problems but could do very well in French, German, or Spanish.

You don’t have to worry about hiring a bi-lingual receptionist, which will be more costly for your business. A bi-lingual call handler will make it easy for your business to connect and assist all dental patients, no matter the language they speak. You patients can freely express themselves without worrying that they are not understood.

A bi-lingual call handler enables you to expand your service delivery to all people, not just those within your locality or natives. It makes every patient feel right at home, which boosts your business’ reputation.

Professional Services to all Patients

They say that first impressions are essential in every business as they give your patients a lasting feeling about your business. What do patients hear or feel when they call your office? Will they call again, or even visit your office after that call? A professional call handler will always leave your patients happy and satisfied. They will want to call again and again and even visit your office to enjoy more professional services. When a professional handles your calls, it reflects the entire business.

Remember that customers will always go where they are needed and appreciated. A professional receptionist will know how to answer their questions and engage them for a positive outcome. Since the same person provides all their answers, they do not have to keep waiting for their calls to be transferred from one person to the other. It saves time and money.


A call answering service is an integral part of any business. It takes care of a part of the business that not many professionals have handled successfully. A call handler will free up your time, save you money, and keep your patients calling and returning for more services. Therefore, if this is an area you have been struggling with, consider engaging a professional phone handler’s services.