Root canals are used to save teeth from having to be extracted. Unfortunately, accidents occur which may require emergency services such as a root canal to salvage as much of the tooth as possible.

Emergency root canals are necessary if:

  • You are experiencing a severe toothache.
  • You notice an abscessed tooth (i.e. a swollen, tender piece of mass that is filled with pus and other debris).
  • You are involved in an accident where a large part of your tooth is broken off.

If you are involved in one of the above scenarios, then we recommend contacting our emergency dentists as soon as possible to help you find immediate relief, while also saving your tooth from undergoing extraction.

Don’t wait – call our emergency dentist now @ 310-643-8045 for immediate relief or fill out our form below and we will respond promptly.

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How Your Tooth Will Be Addressed

All emergency root canals are addressed quickly, an important aspect in order to save it from extraction.

For those with an abscess, antibiotics will be administered to prevent infection from spreading or worsening, and then we will drain the abscess and apply a dressing to it. Relief is typically felt right away. The dressing must settle in your tooth for a couple of days until a root canal is performed.

For those with broken tooth accidents experiencing severe toothache or pain, we get you in as quick as possible, fully numb the injured site, and then begin the root canal. The procedure takes usually 30-45 minutes depending on various factors. You won’t feel any pain other than a smidgeon of pain from the numbing agent we use.

Both scenarios require a root canal procedure, which are always completed with a supplemental dental crown for a fully aesthetically-pleasing tooth.